I am a contemporary portrait photographer and in addition to that a stylist and make up artist with 29 years of professional experience. I am born and raised in Slovenia, Europe, but lived and worked all over the world, while raising my 3 daughters. My knowledge and skills were shaped and upgraded in different photo-studios, galleries and production companies in Austria, Germany, France and USA. Independently and as an assistant I worked with various artists in New York and throughout Europe. 

My work was presented in fashion magazines, such as
Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Gloss, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and many others.

Portrait photography for me is much more than just taking a quick picture of your face or your body. For me it is about capturing your identity and your attitude, that you would like to share with the world in the way that you like it.

My biggest asset is I am the whole team in one person, a stylist, make up artist and photographer. I specialize in magazine style portraits while offering an authentic and empowering experience.

My goal is to present the best version of yourself, your elegance, sophistication and personality on each and every photo, no matter its style or purpose.

I will carefully choose a place for a photoshoot and decorate it; take care of your outfit and do your hair and makeup. When you’re ready, it’s time to step in front of my camera and let me guide you through the whole process.


You can  hire me for Portrait session  at your home. I will travel within Europe and the rest of the world. Create beautiful stylings for you, combine your look with your property look, use the natural light and create wonderfull images that you and your family will cherish for generations to come.
Don’t worry, it’s not up to you to be photogenic. That is entirely my responsibility to guide you, direct you and make you look beautiful and stunning while getting professional timeless portraits done.


+386 (0) 41 912 825 | glamslam@siol.net