My name is Tania Mendillo and I used to be a stylist an make up artist for fashion photography, but 10 years ago I started to photograph and it became a passion of mine so  styling and make up is now  something that I do prior to every photoshoot.  I specialize in portrait photography of different kind.

I love to travel to go to my clients and make their portraits at their gorgeous homes. So if you have a beautiful stylish home, I will come to your place and make memoires for you there...

My specialty definitely  lies in the fact, that apart from photography skills I possess 28 years of work experience in make up and styling as well. This gives you the advantage of not having to hire a stylist, a hair dresser and a make up artist if you want to have your portrait taken. I take care of all the preparations for the photoshoot, hair, make up & style, which I consider very important for the proper profesional approach and outcome.

My knowledge and skills were shaped and upgraded in different photo-studios, galleries and production companies in Austria, Germany, France and USA. Independently and as an assistant I worked with various artists in New York and throughout Europe. The fact that I had to raise three children made me more stationary, after my travel time in younger years.

The way I usually approach every photoshoot is that I select a specific style and place of photoshoot, based on a conversation which I have with my clients prior to that.

Portrait photography for me is much more than just taking a quick picture of your face or your body. For me it is about capturing your identity and your attitude, that you would like to share with the world in the way that you like it.


And don't worry about if you are photogenic or not. That's completely my responsibility to guide you, direct you and take the pressure off of you,  so that you can just focus on having fun,  while getting great  pictures done !


+386 (0) 41 912 825 | glamslam@siol.net